Upcoming Technology Ideas that Will Amaze You

Upcoming Technology

TechTechnology never fails to amaze. In the recent past, there have been some mind-boggling inventions in the world of tech. From VR to AI, some of the inventions have left us flabbergasted. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that robots can soon replace human beings giving them a run for their jobs. Companies have already employed AI robots to respond to queries that the customers may have on the website. Actually, we shouldn’t be complaining because tech has made our lives much easier. Take the example of services like Program COX Remote, for instance. It enables you to locate areas offering high-speed Internet without you having to do much. Another example is of Alexa. It is so easy to command that little box while you relax on your couch.

If these inventions haven’t astonished you much, here’s a list of all the upcoming tech ideas, that will!

Google Driverless Car

There was once a time one only dreamt of a driver-less car. Well, that dream is soon to become a reality. Google has been testing the prototypes of this car on the US roads. It is not yet out in the market. The car is powered by artificial intelligence. Looking a bit deeper into the specs of the car reveals that it has 8 sensors. However, the most prominent feature is the rotating rooftop LiDAR. In case you did not know, this is a camera that uses 32 or 64 lasers to gauge the distance of the car from any object. It does so by building a 3-D map at a distance of around 200 m. Apart from this, the car also has another camera that guides through the windscreen. When it comes to the question that how the car actually works- the answer is that it makes use of all the eight sensors at one point to drive itself on the road. No single sensor is responsible for moving the car alone.

Firefox OS

After the huge success of iOS and Android in the world of technology, Mozilla has come up with its own version of the mobile operating system. Because let’s face it, both iOS and Android came with their set of rules that limited their use on other devices. Constructed on open source, the Firefox OS runs on web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

Sunscreen Pills

Yes, you read that right. Sunscreen pills are under consideration and might hit the shelves at your nearest drugstore soon. Do you know what that means?
It means that you will no longer have to carry the cream everywhere and go to the torture of applying the goopy thing. Like it’s so annoying at times when the layer of sunscreen makes your skin greasy. It feels like an extra burden that you are carrying on your skin. With this invention, you can head out in the sun grease free and without any tension that you left a part of your body uncovered with sunscreen. You can head out to the beach without bathing in tons of cream. Sounds so good to be true, doesn’t it? The scientists considered this invention because skin cancer is the fifth most common type observed in men and seventh most common in women. Exposure to the UV light is one of the major cause of Melanoma. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays at all times.

Wound Sealing Laser Pens

Lasers do not serve the purpose of surgery alone. The scientists predict that they can be used to heal the wounds as well. Just imagine carrying a portable laser pen with you that is as good as a doctor himself. And can efficiently heal your wound. Apart from saving yourself the hassle to visit a doctor, it also sounds like a more effective way of healing the wound. However, this does not mean that you do not have to pay a visit to the doctor at all. You can use it to stop the bleeding momentarily. In case, you cannot go to the doctor immediately. But you will have to pay a visit to the doctor eventually.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking has long been a hot favorite topic amongst technology enthusiasts. Eye tribe has actually taken the leap and made this concept a reality as well. They have successfully created eyewear that allows you to control your tablet or desktop with the movement of your eyes. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Well, this is not just it. There are many other cool advancements in the world of technology as well. The most recent encounter that left me pretty amazed was when an AI robot responded to my call at AT&T Customer service center. It sounded so real. I could not figure out that I was actually conversing with a robot. The world really is going places and many of us, if not all, are glad.

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